The Tuk Tuk Me To is a company in love for Lisbon and the thousand secrets and charms that this city hides around every corner.

Characterized by a single light in recent years is favorite destination of thousands of tourists either for the history, cuisine or good weather. To go visit Lisbon is in Fashion! Lisbon is a lovely city, and it is this charm that moves and inspires us in each of our trips.

We love what we do, we serve quality, total dedication, affection and total surrender to those who choose us. Our goal is to make you feel the host of our travels, and to live every moment to the fullest, so that these moments remain forever in your memory. The company Tuk Tuk Me To - Tours from the heart, designed each tour by Lisbon's heart and soul people. Our guides / drivers are storytellers, people passionate about what they do, and they know like no one, all the charms, even the most hidden, of this fantastic city.

Thank you for choosing Tuk Tuk Me To, is a pleasure to welcome you Enjoy our tours, have fun and be Happy


Surrounded by the river, Lisbon presents blue and the smell of the sea. Dawns girl in their gardens and walks along the river and at night becomes the irreverent young woman, full of life with the voice of fado ... Lisbon is undoubtedly a charming town and it is this charm that inspires each of our Lisbon's tours.



A picturesque village full of charm and a beautiful blue sea. Situated along the coast, much of its monumental and cultural heritage relates to the defense and navigation. Since the Roman ruins, past the forts, museums, gastronomy and of course the beautiful beaches, we can enjoy this small village that was once vacation area of many royal families.



Recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Cultural Landscape of Sintra is shrouded in mystery and legend. With a distinctive microclimate, Sintra's mountain range but also sea. It is in this village that lies the Cabo da Roca, Luís Vaz de Camões our famous poet described as the place "where the land ends and the sea begins".